Domestic Competitions
Junior Grand Final results

Waverley Basketball saw 66 very exciting junior Grand Finals decided across three sensational days of competition to conclude the Summer 2018/19 season. Each of our 10 domestic clubs was represented and a number of the games were absolute thrillers, including a few overtime games. Congratulations to all teams who progressed through to the Grand F... [READ MORE]
Junior Finals information

Junior Finals are fast approaching and all the information you need can be found on the WBA website. Finals schedules can be found at the following link: Finals qualifications can be found at the following link: [READ MORE]
Heat Policy

We are expecting temperatures in the mid to high 30s this across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please note that games are set to go ahead as scheduled this weekend.   Teams can find more information about our heat policy here. Below are the key points:   - Games will be abandoned if the indoor temperature exceeds 40 deg... [READ MORE]
Rule updates for 2019

WBA has introduced a series of new rule intepretations for domestic competitions in line with FIBA and Basketball Victoria rule ammendments. Technical Foul (Art. 36) Purpose: To provide new definition and clarity to rule which is being implemented differently to the FIBA official rules of basketball. Basketball Victoria had adopted a modified vers... [READ MORE]
New Venue: Box Hill Aqualink

Address: 31 Surrey Drive Box Hill The venue is located within Surrey Park and can be accessed from Canterbury Road. There is ample parking around the venue, which also contains a gym and swimming pool. We will be using two courts at this venue, BHA1 and BHA2, both of which are located to the left when entering through the main entrance. [READ MORE]
Cancelled Games at Wattle Park

   Waverley Basketball wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of junior matches at Wattle Park Primary School today, 15th December. On arrival this morning, our Supervisor discovered rigging equipment erected on the courts, which was unable to be moved.  When speaking to the emergency school conta... [READ MORE]
Cancelled Games at Kingswood College

  Waverley Basketball wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of junior matches at Kingswood College today, 8th December. On arrival this morning, our Supervisor discovered one backboard and ring was damaged and could not be placed into position for competition.  There was also a hand written note which seem... [READ MORE]
Grading Review

The two week post-grading review is taking place now. Fixtures are being updated and will be ready to view by 1:00pm on Wednesday (for Saturday teams), 5:00pm Wednesday (for Sunday teams) and 5:00pm Thursday (for Tuesday teams). Saturday fixtures will be complete through to the holiday break, while Sunday and Tuesday fixtures will be complete thr... [READ MORE]
Junior Domestic Cup Day Weekend games

WBA Junior Domestic competition will run as normal on Cup Day Weekend. Games scheduled on Saturday November 3rd and Sunday November 4th will be available on the website early in the week. There will be no Tuesday Girls competition on Melbourne Cup Day, Tuesday November 6th. WBA is continuing weekly reviews of results and fixtures, and thanks team... [READ MORE]
Wednesday Schedules and Process

Attention Wednesday Teams Over the past few years we've seen a shift around other associations from releasing 'overall grading fixtures' to releasing 'weekly grading games.’  For decades Waverley have always preferred to release five grading games as we understand it's difficult for players and families to commit to weekly changing ti... [READ MORE]
Grand Final Results

After three great days of Grand Finals WBA is pleased to announce the winners of our Junior Domestic Winter 2018 premierships. Tuesday Girls Grand Final results: Sunday Juniors Grand Final results: [READ MORE]
Finals Schedules

Winter 2018 Junior Domestic finals schedules: Saturday Grand Finals: Sunday Grand Finals: (Tuesday games published shortly) ... [READ MORE]
Technology Update

  Waverley Basketball Association has led the way with technology since the implementation of touch screen scoring in 2008, TV scoreboards in 2009, and video game replays in secure team lounges since 2010.  In addition we have a secure and private detailed statistics vault of player and team season and career history, as well as the live... [READ MORE]
Junior Domestic returns - with some changes

Junior Domestic basketball returns this week after a brief hiatus over the school holidays. Some fixtures have undergone slight changes during the break, and teams should be mindful to double check their fixtures before the first game back. Extensive changes have taken place in the following sections (although given the breadth of changes over th... [READ MORE]
Fixtures available Tuesday, June 12

Updated junior fixtures will be available on Tuesday, June 12. A review has taken place this week and fixtures will be published once checks and controls have taken place. Some teams have changed sections, while most have stayed where they were previously placed. Tuesday and Sunday competitions will continue to be reviewed next week. [READ MORE]

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