WaverleyTV is a digital video creation and broadcast service, with primary focus on amateur and domestic sporting competitions. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in sports technology to the digital media arena, providing clients with the ability to deliver high-quality, on-demand video of games and events directly to their members. Extra features of our service include free coaching markup tools, team-based community features, security footage for stadiums and tribunal / dispute resolution functionality. We also provide additional income streams for our clients through the provision of ‘premium contact’ sections and easy-to-use DVD authoring tools.

Founded in 2008, the core goal of the WaverleyTV service is not to simply provide our clients with more revenue streams, but to also add value to all levels of their organisation – from improving talent identification processes, to resolving administration and refereeing disputes, to enticing new players to competitions, to allowing parents to record and store footage of their children’s first games. By enhancing so many aspects of the experience of the game, WaverleyTV provides the perfect opportunity for clients to easily and quickly take their organisation to a new level of professionalism.
For more about the WaverleyTV service, please feel free to use our ‘Contact Us’ form to request an information pack at www.waverleytv.com




Basketball Australia have a broad policy on taking a video camera to games.  This policy outlines you must make both teams aware of the camera and identify who you are as a courteous thing to do.  All members should be aware video cameras are rolling inside the public court areas of Waverley Stadium.  There are two Privacy Legislations outlined in this document click here They are the Privacy Act and Surveillance Devices Act.  Please read the document for further information.

To have access to watch games on our HD Video System, you must have user identification and securely be invited into a team environment, much like a team lounge.  In this environment you can see all the team members and know who is watching the games.  If a player cannot be filmed for any reason, this must be made known to the association where we have the power to block that timeframe from being accessed. 
The way the system works is like this: 
-      - Representatives will set up the team and ‘invite’ by email players to join.   An email for Team Representatives will be sent at the start of every season.
-     - Players must register and accept the invite to join the team, or they can request to join a team once they are a registered user of Waverley.TV
-     - Representatives will use a competition specific password to select the game footage of date/time/court of when your match was played.
-     - After the representative orders the video, it will not be ready to view for a number of hours as it has to be downloaded, edited, and uploaded into your team lounge.
-     - Sit back, enjoy, comment and ‘Mark-Up’ throughout the video so all members in the team can see what you are saying and reply and comment as well.
     At the conclusion of the season, the videos will be available for purchase on DVD or file, and you can create a compilation of games and order to buy.  Until this point, it’s FREE for streaming viewing only, through the additional website www.waverleytv.com



For an instruction manual with step to step pictures to guide you through the free member registration, please click here



For an instruction manual with step to step pictures to guide you through the team manager process, please click here


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