Domestic Competitions

Senior Domestic Updates


-         Players must have eight (8) games to qualify.  Full details at the link below.  Final Schedules are also published and available on the same link:


-          Individual player qualification lists can be found here:


-          Every week we continue to send penalty notices and forfeit game results due to illegal players.  Make sure your teams are aware of the rules here:


-          Many teams still owe outstanding walkover fines.  Individual reminder emails will be circulated this week and if your team is owing a fine but is not financial by the 26th July, forfeits and ladder penalties will be enforced.  Bylaws here:


-          Please remind your teammates and spectators to bring $3.00 cash for entry.  Our cashier members have reported a recent rise in issues with door entry payments, which is disappointing this far into the season.  Other associations that use high school venues and single court gymnasiums do not have a door charge, but their game fees range from $75.00 to $78.00 each week.  WBA fees calculate at $66 p/week for teams with only seven players ($45 game fee plus $21 entry). Please be aware that our cashier members provide an important service to the association and should be treated with due respect. Please contact the WBA Office to discuss any issues you may have with the door entry fee.


-          A new ‘Individual Player Registration’ project undertaken by Basketball Victoria has been launched and we’re fielding a few enquiries.  A few small associations are piloting the system and the roll out will not affect WBA for some time.  When this is implemented teams will not be required to pay registration with WBA but instead every individual that takes part in basketball must register directly with BV and this registration covers them for multiple associations, games, and roles (player/coach/ref etc).  WBA will only require a team list of players and obviously our entry/rego fees will reduce accordingly. For the upcoming season, WBA will maintain its current registration and payment structure.



-          Summer preparation has begun and published online.  Waiting lists are already starting to form.  Your existing WBA team will have preference for retaining your current place but please add the following cut-off date to your calendar: Friday 23rd August.  Automatic emails and will be circulated at the start of August.

-          WBA takes additional steps to individually count the number of late 10.15pm matches for every team to ensure this unfavourable time is as even as possible, except for the occasion where teams request to play at this time.  Many teams have recently been contacting the office to shift games, and submit late requests for time changes.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any requests due to the size of the overall program, but if you are aware of anything urgent please submit these via email when you enter the summer competition.  A number of competition changes have occurred lately so please see the following link for updated schedules and times to expect each season:

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