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Waverley Basketball Association has led the way with technology since the implementation of touch screen scoring in 2008, TV scoreboards in 2009, and video game replays in secure team lounges since 2010.  In addition we have a secure and private detailed statistics vault of player and team season and career history, as well as the live media and broadcasting of our Big V Falcon teams streamed worldwide.

Since the start of 2018, the new Windows 10 update has resulted in the LG touch screen monitors to cease calibrating and unfortunately new drivers cannot be developed to fix the issue.  Last year we started developing and testing new technology to eliminate all recent issues, and courts 5 and 6 were updated accordingly.  With the exception of the touch calibration issue still outstanding, these computers have worked faultlessly since their installation.

After almost a decade of competition using Jamware, with approximately 220 games per week at the main stadium, the computers will be replaced with multiple video card custom built mega machines, that will be tamper proof and installed behind the TV screens on the walls.  The current technology works from a small PC courtside that has adapters, splitters and other components to send the information required.  This also suffers from interference from noise including electrical and vibration, as well as human interference or plugs and switches falling loose.  The new tech will see all these potential issues disappear, and the reinstallation of the possession arrows currently not operational.

At the court side benches you will soon find 12.2 inch tablets in conjunction with a scoreboard keypad for starting and stopping the clock; yes, no more finding the start/stop button on a screen!  You will be able to feel the button and the click to operate the clock in the final two minutes of the game while keeping your eyes on the match.

The tablets and video PC’s will also allow Stadium Scoring for VJBL games on Friday nights, as well as advertising mode and manual mode for tournaments, school bookings and other user groups. We expect all this to be rolled out this month, and further information will be emailed to junior clubs and senior team reps once it's launched.

WBA wishes to thank members for their understanding over the past 12 months as we continued to work endlessly behind the scenes to have issues rectified and technology operating effectively as part of our long term vision.

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