Covid-Safe Management Plan

WBA has extensively reviewed Basketball Victoria's Return to Sport Guidelines and will be implementing the following changes:

WBA Return to Sport Guidelines

Entry and Exit Procedures

Arrival and Departure Procedures

New Scoring Rules and Information

Waverley Facility Tour 

 Covid Venue Safety Plan

WBA -COVID Safe Management Plan


Contract Tracing and Record Keeping:

As Basketball resumes, WBA will be utilizing the contract tracing and recording service provided by the Victorian Government.  Every venue will have a unique QR Code to sign in to the venue upon arrival. These records will be retained for 28 days and will help with any future contract tracing that may be neccesary in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

For all competitions, players listed on the scoring consoles will have their data recorded as taking part in the game. All spectators, scorers, siblings and other visitors not partaking in the match and not listed on the official score sheet must use the QR Code provided to sign in before entry. Every person entering WBA venues will be required to demonstrate to the BSO that they have successfully signed in.

If a person cannot register via the QR code, the BSO will manually record your information. This will also be retained for 28 days.

If a case arises, WBA will obtain a full report for DHHS from Basketball Victoria accordingly.

For a quick video tutorial please click here


Are Face Masks Mandatory?  


Face masks are mandatory inside all venues. 

Players can remove their masks while undertaking in physical activity.  More information and regular updates can be found here: 



BSOs will be ensuring all new procedures are followed at all venues, assisting with Victorian Government check in for visitors, assisting with cleaning requirements and adhering to all other tasks found HERE      

All WBA Staff, Supervisors, BSO's and Volunteers must have completed the COVID-19 Infection Control Training 

Social Distancing measures will be enforced at all venues with the assistance of BSO's and strategically placed signage for seating and capacity requirements.

Hand Sanitising stations are available at all venues on all courts, as well as the foyers and entries.

BSO's and WBA Officials will follow strict cleaning protocols between every game time, including the sanitisation of all equipment.

Capacity limits for players, coaches, scorers and spectators are set by the Government and DHHS.  Please see Basketball Victoria's Return to Sport Guidelines for more information.

Basketballs will no longer be allowed inside any Waverley run facilities on game day.  Team warm up balls and game balls will be provided at each venue.

Public water fountains will be closed until further notice.

Shaking of hands and high fives are to be discouraged at all venues.


Thank you for your support and understanding of the new return to sport conditions. Please remember to stretch and warm up prior to your game or training.  A number of other sports that have returned around the country have reported higher than average injury rates. Please look after yourselves and share this information with your teammates.


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